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Metallic Skinz

Transform furniture and accessories with my carefully curated collection of Metallic Skins. Easy to apply, each design transfers easily to almost any prepped surface, including wood, ceramics, glass and tiles – enabling you to elevate DIY projects in minutes!

Also referred to as “foils” or “transfers” we like to call them “Skinz” because once applied, they are literally like a second skin!

Metallic Skinz are made from a thin layer of non-reactive metal sheets that are fused to a clear cellophane. These stunning decorative foils are best applied using specialist Foil Adhesive available to buy on this website.

The designs showcased by Sarah Parmenter Designs have been rigorously tried and tested by Sarah and are genuinely her favourites to use in her own projects and workshops.

Sarah’s discerning eye offers you a small selection of classic, stunning foil designs which not only adhere consistently but also deliver super elegant finishes.

If you see a design on the website and require a larger quantity than is available, please contact Sarah direct to enjoy exclusive volume discounts and one to one online tuition.

Instructions for use

APPLICATION: Always pre-test for best results

Step 1

To enhance the colour of the foil and optimise adhesion, you MUST first apply a base coat of matte paint to your project. I use black for the most part but you can also use a shade that is complimentary to the foil colour if you prefer. Use any chalk based / chalk mineral product. LEAVE to dry for at least 3 hours. A day or night is preferable. Brands I use include: Fusion Mineral, Rustoleum and Bedec Multi Surface Matte.

Step 2

Apply one coat of Foil Adhesive to your surface with a brush, sponge or roller. The adhesive does not self-level, so apply in one direction and try to smooth out your brush strokes. Allow to dry for a minimum of 60 minutes to achieve a firm tack. I leave mine for several hours to be on the safe side. The adhesive is white when applied but will turn clear as it tacks up.

Top Tip: If you are getting brush strokes, you can dilute the adhesive with a small amount of water. (Brush marks will show through your foil).

Another Top Tip: You can use other similar adhesives, such as Polyvine Gold Leaf Size, but it will need two coats before application of foils. If you’re using any other brand, please test a bit first before applying to your project.

Step 3

Transfer your foil (colour side up) to the tacky surface. Rub the foil with a soft rag and / or plastic bristle scrub brush or toothbrush. Slowly peel back the foil sheet to see if you have enough transfer. If not, place foil back down and rub more.

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